Passionate scientists, from Vancouver Island to Switzerland passing by the Yukon and Texas, will be live to speak about some of their surprising discoveries and crazy experiments they do in their lab, in the ocean or on glaciers.

We can't wait to have a chat and a drink with you!



Start at 9pm Atlantic time / 8pm Eastern time / 7pm Central time / 6pm Mountain Time / 5pm Pacific Time  


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Start at 4:30pm Atlantic time / 3:30pm Eastern time / 2:30pm Central time / 1:30pm Mountain Time / 12:30pm Pacific Time

 POM En May 4

Details about the content of each presentation and the scientists who will be on stage are available in the full program. Each event will feature two scientists and include a trivia quiz. And we also have events in French!

You'll be able to join us for all the shows from the comfort of your home by clicking here: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Using a single link, you'll have the choice to navigate between 9 events each day depending on your interest: astronomy, chemistry, ecology, paleontology, seismology and many more are waiting for you!

We'll have special guests this year:
Artash (13 years), Arushi (10 years) and their bots Mars and Artemis will join us on Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

Monday 11th May

Tuesday May 12th

Wednesday May 13th